Creating a Regional Wine that Reflects the Terroir

Elaborating a wine is an exciting creative process that, despite immutable and measured gestures, retains a magical aspect.

The harvest period is the culmination of a whole year’s effort. The Merlot grapes are always harvested before the later-ripening cabernets. Sorting is essential to removing any green or pink berries and plant debris.Fermentation occurs in thermo-regulated concrete vats to develop aromas rich in fruit. The gentle extraction of the juices will favor the fruit and the freshness of the wines. The end of the maceration phase is decided according to daily tastings of each batch. Depending on the years and our stylistic desires, maturation will continue in concrete or stainless steel vats or in French oak barrels.The naturally low pH of our wines allows us to limit the addition of sulphites to as little as possible. The wines of Lescaneaut are full-flavored (« gourmand ») wines for long-keeping. They are typical of their soil and reach their maturity at 5 to 8 years after they are bottled at the Château. The Merlot grapes give the wines suppleness and roundness, with aromas of red fruits, liquorice and truffle as the wine ages. The Cabernet Sauvignon grapes confer the tannic structure to the wines and develop aromas of black fruits (blackcurrant, plum) as well as spicy notes as they mature. The Cabernet Franc provide an elegance to the tannins, with notes of raspberry and violet. Our wines have been certified organic since 2012.